Before entering the world of Online Pokies and eventually playing them for real money you should know some things about games you play. This is a short list of tips that can help you “stay in the green “ while having fun. These tips will cover general knowledge of Online pokies that all experienced players already know, but these tips can be a big eye opener for new players. These tips will help you to understand games you play better and they will give you some shortcuts which you would normally come by after losing a lot of your precious money.
Mermaids-Millions-slot-1First tip on this list is an obvious but rather neglected knowledge. You should know what kind of pokie you are about to play. Not knowing about risks and bonuses can be quite damaging for your wallet. Before playing a pokie game read the “small letters “.

From basic things, for example how many reels that pokie has, to what kind of scatter and wild symbols does that game have, and how they can help you to increase the number of pay lines. This knowledge will help you in choosing an Online pokie game you want to play.

Searching for a knowledge about these things will provide you with few facts that can help you with your choice; those facts are as follows: How high are the chances of that pokie game of giving payments ( some pokie games have higher risk while promising higher hits, while other ones have smaller risks but their rewards are smaller too ), what are the terms for hitting jackpot, what bonuses are worth chasing after itc.

Second tip is a simple one. Use your bonuses to increase the amount and chances of winning. Some bonus rounds have big rewards so you should watch for the Online pokies that provide those kind of bonuses. Some of the bonuses that some pokie games have are in fact different mini games that you play for bonus money. And generally speaking, playing bonuses is always a fun thing to do.
This third tip is a tip for players playing progressive pokies. These pokies can be fun but there is a thing if you want to hit big on one of these games. You have to play with maximum wager, and with maximum pay lines to progress further and have a chance at winning the jackpot.
slots3Fourth tip on this list is about a money limit. You should always have one. It is simple as that. You can’t always come out as a big winner, but that is not an excuse to keep playing until you break even. Some days you will simply have to be satisfied with negative balance of your daily playing.
This last tip is loosely connected with previous tip. If you are on a winning streak and you are have a lot of money on a single pokie game, you should transfer part of those winning back to your account. This can stop you from going negative if your streak ends.
I hope these tips will keep you from going ” in red “ and that you will have fun playing Online Pokies.

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