gaming-club-casino“Bored at work? Having some spare time in the house? Waiting in a queue, or for that friend who always takes sooo long to get ready? Come this way, with just one click to our website you can have a lot of fun and the jackpot is yours to collect!” This may be a slightly sarcastic way of presenting things, but in the ruthless world of online marketing and gambling industry this is the usual way of attracting customers. Potential players are lured in with the exciting call of the sirens that are for this occasion transformed in lovely commercial banners and advertisers. Global gambling industry is a modern-day gladiator arena where every player matters and where a large customer base equals profit.
Online gambling has recorder some incredible numbers when it comes to growth and market expansion ever since the first online gambling websites were established somewhere back in the 1990s. From the legendary Gaming Club which is considered to be the first online casino, to over 2.000 of them we have now, the industry is rising and getting bigger and bigger.
hqdefaultThis trend of constant growth is expected to continue in the future since 51% of global population takes part in some sort of internet gambling every year. Different kinds of social and age groups are now more and more taking part in these activities, and for example women’s share of internet users has increased by more than 80% since 2004. Older people are also an age group that now takes a huge proportion of total number of players, even though at the late 1990s online gambling was “reserved” mainly to younger men.
New features of computer technologies and improvements in device performances have offered a lot of new possibilities, with elements like mobility, anonymity, convenience, etc. being the most important ones. Land-based casinos still hold on in this battle, but it is hard to escape the feeling that resistance is futile and that they will be assimilated.
There are of course different reasons and preferences when it comes to people visiting online casinos. Some come to win money, others do it for entertainment while others come just to relax. Whatever the reasons there is no doubt that people do come, and in great numbers – estimated 173 million players worldwide in 2014. With great numbers of players come great profits: revenues are constantly rising and it is predicted that they will reach up to staggering $2.5 billion in 2015.

The market is impressive nowadays and since 2003 it has grown annually by 23%.For instance, total worth of the whole interactive gaming market was approximated at $26.1 billion in 2013, with expected growth of 10.1% to 2018.
Expected rise of revenue and profits come from the fact that most of online casino business is still pretty loose in terms of regulation and legislative acts, and a lot of countries do not allow real money gambling for their citizens, the United States being the biggest example. With the possible opening of markets like these and passing laws that would increase security and overall safety there is no fear that online casinos will stay out of business.

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